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Precision In Every Pre-roll

Blueprinting excellence in cannabis craftsmanship, ANC Solutions stands as Canada's foremost pre-roll and white label manufacturer. Partnering with LPs nationwide, we specialize in crafting traditional, cigarette-style, blunt, and infused pre-rolls, ensuring unparalleled quality and innovation in every product.


From pioneering as an early micro cultivator in Alberta to scaling up, ANC Solutions boasts a rich history and deep knowledge in the cannabis domain.
Our dedicated team ensures each pre-roll stands up to the pinnacle of quality, consistency, and safety benchmarks.
From classic pre-rolls to contemporary cigarette-styled and infused options, we cater to diverse market needs.
Leading the charge in pre-roll advancements, our unique patent-pending process crafts infused pre-rolls that blend potency with visual appeal.
With the infrastructure to roll out millions of pre-rolls monthly, we're equipped to partner with enterprises of any scale.
As a white-label specialist, we empower brands to shine while we manage the intricate production details.
Our relentless drive for R&D positions our partners at the vanguard of the market, offering a distinct edge.
Without a sales license, we're dedicated to amplifying our partners' brands, ensuring our growth is intertwined with theirs.
Beyond crafting pre-rolls, our suite of services encompasses milling, rigorous QA tests, bespoke label designs, and premium packaging.
Nestled in Western Canada, ANC Solutions is ideally placed to cater to the Canadian clientele and poised to tap into global markets as they open up.


Traditional Pre-Rolls
A traditional cannabis pre-roll is a ready-made joint, eliminating the need for manual rolling and grinding. For consumers, it promises immediate convenience and a consistent smoking experience. For growers, it represents an efficient use of product and a profitable avenue with strong branding potential.
Cigarette Pre-Rolls
A cannabis cigarette pre-roll is a professionally packed, ready-to-smoke marijuana cigarette, offering consumers immediate convenience and consistency. For growers, pre-rolls efficiently utilize trim and small buds, presenting an additional revenue stream and branding opportunity in a familiar, accessible format.
A blunt is a cannabis-filled cigar wrap, often offering a richer flavor and longer burn. For consumers, it provides a robust and extended smoking session. For growers, blunts tap into a niche market, blending traditional cigar culture with cannabis, offering unique branding and profit opportunities.
Infused Pre-Rolls
An infused pre-roll combines cannabis flower with concentrated forms like oils or kief, amplifying potency and flavor. For consumers, it delivers an enhanced, often more intense experience. For growers and producers, it offers a premium product line with higher profit margins, catering to experienced users seeking a stronger effect.

Pre-rolled products are not just gaining traction—they’re leading the charge.

Pre-rolls are experiencing a significant surge in demand potentially surpassing the popularity of traditional dried flower. This isn’t just a fleeting trend; it’s a nationwide shift driven by consumer preferences, regulatory adaptations, and market dynamics.

ANC stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering unparalleled expertise in pre-roll production. Partner with us and ensure your brand capitalizes on this monumental opportunity in the cannabis industry.

It’s time to get pre-roll products.
Pre-roll production capacity each month by ANC
Increase in pre-roll revenue in 2022
Source: Yahoo Finance
Total national
sales of cannabis products
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Largest cannabis product category in Canada
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Packaging & Labelling

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Packaging Types
Cylindrical Tubes
Shell Casing
Sliding Tins
Custom Cigarette Box
Pre-Roll Inserts
Fluted Paper
Pop-top Plastic Insert


As we look to the future, our dedication to research, development, and our clients remains unwavering. We’re continually exploring groundbreaking ideas for the cannabis market, always prioritizing our clients’ needs.

October 2017
ANC Solutions Was Founded
Inspired by Health Canada’s new micro cannabis cultivation licenses, a group of passionate friends established ANC Solutions with a vision to make quality cannabis products accessible to all.
December 2019
License & Opening
Marked the opening of Alberta’s first Micro cultivator licensed facility and the acquisition of a micro processing license.
September 2020
Beginning of Pre-roll Production
ANC Solutions embarked on its pre-roll production journey, setting the stage for future innovations.
April 2021
Launch of Blunt System
ANC Solutions introduced its innovative blunt system, marking a significant step forward in product diversification.
April 2021
1 Million Pre-Rolls
Celebrated producing 1 million pre-rolls in a single month, showcasing our production capabilities.
June 2021
Launch of Infused Pre-Roll
Introduced the first fully infused pre-roll with record THC levels, backed by a patent-pending process ensuring aesthetic and functional excellence.
July 2021
Standard Licence
ANC Solutions transitions from a Micro Licensed facility to a Standard Licensed facility allowing for higher volume production.
December 2021
Cigarette-Styled Pre-Rolls
Launched the innovative cigarette-styled pre-rolls, expanding our product range.
April 2022
3 Million Pre-Rolls
Celebrated producing an impressive 3 million pre-rolls in a single month, a testament to our production prowess and increasing market demand.
June 2022
Patent Pending for Infused Pre-Roll
Filed for a patent for our unique infused pre-roll production method, emphasizing our dedication to intellectual property and innovative product development.
March 2023
Automated Kief Coating Process
Introduced the automated kief coating process, further enhancing the quality and distinctiveness of our product range.
November 2023
Launch of Online Services
Rolled out a comprehensive customer portal, online tracker, and digital portfolio, reinforcing our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience and streamlined operations.

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